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I use Apple’s SpriteKit in my iOS game and I use admob ads. When admob is loading new ad my game is freezing. How to fix it?

Thank you!

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when you call the loading of banners? at what point of the scene? –  Ilario Apr 2 at 13:38
@Ilario I work with admob in ViewController. I create banners and call loadRequest method in viewDidLoad. I put ad banners on SKView. The problem is my app freezes for 1-3 second when ad is changing. –  Sergey Zapuhlyak Apr 2 at 13:52
you should call loadRequest after that the scene is loading.. –  Ilario Apr 2 at 14:02
@Ilario Thanks! But it doesn't work for me. AdMod blocks main thread of game. –  Sergey Zapuhlyak Apr 2 at 14:24

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I also use admob in my app, I also noticed that when the banner appears there is a freeze of the scene for about one second..

but in my case I think it happened because I was the request of the banner while the scene was loading textures, so i solved moving the loadRequest after the load of textures.

in my initWithSize: i call a method that load the textures, at the end of this method i do:

[self performSelector:@selector(showBanner) withObject:nil afterDelay:1.5];

In this way I was able to avoid the problems involved in loading the banner, and so the scene does not freeze more,

try and let me know

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Thanks again! App has lags if I add new nodes on scene after adding ad banner. Is that true or not? –  Sergey Zapuhlyak Apr 2 at 19:16
yes for me it is true.. still having the same problem? –  Ilario Apr 3 at 7:41
Yes, I have this problem because I'm adding new nodes on scene. Today I'll rewrite my code. –  Sergey Zapuhlyak Apr 3 at 8:06

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