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So yea, i want to use skype4com.dll to make my skype bot handle for my customers.

It's nothing illegal, it's just a FAQ based in skype :)

But if someone talks to me and uses !help for the command menu, the menu doesn't pop up and i have to go to there chat screen and then they can only execute it then. How do i change this?

I was thinking about a code where if someone asks a question, or calls up !help the bot would send them a message activating them to use the bot. Or if they say a wrong command.

So i was thinking about this:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using Skyper;
using SKYPE4COMLib;
using System.Net;
namespace Skyper.plugins
    public static class Help
        public static string Description
                return "Displays the menu";

        public static void Execute(string[] Params, int chat, string username)
        if command isn't right 

            Skyper.SendMessage(chat, "The command you entered is not recognized!"));
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