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I'm trying to write a SELECT statement that will return all rows where two columns are either empty or NULL. Both columns need to be blank or NULL.

I've tried this query within PHPMyAdmin - however, it's still returning some rows where the column value for either is 'on'.

        FROM product
        WHERE isstock IS NULL 
                   OR isstock = ''
        iscon IS NULL 
                   OR iscon = ''

Can anybody explain where I'm going wrong?


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You should organize your query with parenthesis:

FROM product
WHERE (isstock IS NULL OR isstock = '')
  AND (iscon IS NULL OR iscon = '')

If we add the parenthesis to your original query as they are by default:

isstock IS NULL OR
(isstock = '' AND iscon IS NULL) OR
iscon = ''

So without the ()'s it means totally different.

In mysql you can do this as well:

FROM product
    ifnull(isstock,'') = '' 
    ifnull(iscon,'') = '' 

Maybe this is a bit cleaner.

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Thanks - that's worked. Very clear answer. – Aphex22 Apr 2 '14 at 13:58

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