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I am trying to scale fixed-width web content to the current width of a WebView.

- (void)scaleWebPreview:(WebView *)view withContentWidth:(int)contentWidth
    NSClipView *clipView = [self webClipView:view];
    NSSize frameSize = [clipView frame].size;
    float scale = frameSize.width / contentWidth;

    [clipView setBounds:NSMakeRect(0, 0, frameSize.width / scale, frameSize.height / scale)];

This kinda works, but when I resize the width of the window holding the WebView, there is usually an extra white band on the right side. The band is just to the left of the vertical scroller and seems to be the same width as the scroller when I am making the window bigger. When I am making the window narrower, the extra band is narrower or non-existent. If I change just the height of the window, no extra band shows and actually disappears if already there.

Should I be scaling based on the width of the scroll view?

I am triggering the scaling on NSWindowDidResizeNotification on the main window. I have also tried NSViewFrameDidChangeNotification on the WebView itself and the behavior is the same.


I have a solution which seems to fix the problem. When the clip view bounds are changed, the document view needs to be laid out again:

[view.mainFrame.frameView.documentView setNeedsLayout:YES];
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