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If I create a model class like this:

case class Request(id: Pk[Long] = NotAssigned, title: String, url:String, description: Option[String])

object Request {

And then try creating a view with this header:

@(endpointForm: Form[Request],message: String)

I receive the following error when compiling:

Multiple annotations found at this line: - reference to Request is ambiguous; it is imported twice in the same scope by import play.api.mvc._ and import models._

But if I change the name of the model class it works fine. In the end I decided to change the name of my class, but I still wonder why that happens.

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Request already exists and is already defined under package play.api.mvc.

If you don't want to change the name of your model, you should refer to it as models.Request to eliminate any ambiguity vis-a-vis play.api.mvc.Request.

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