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I've developed a test Java EE application to send and receive messages through the MQTT protocol (tcp connection). Under JBoss 7.1 I got a @Singleton @Startup that instantiates an Eclipse Paho client and a callback class.

public class PahoClient implements PahoClientLocal {

VehicleStatusLocal vehicleS;

private MqttClient client;
SubscribeCallback callback;
private List<String> logStat = new ArrayList<String>();

public void start() throws MqttException {
    try {
        System.out.println("NM info: STARTING MQTT CLIENT");
            client = new MqttClient("tcp://localhost", "NetworkManager", new MemoryPersistence());


        callback = new SubscribeCallback(this, NM_STATUS_TOPIC, NM_ALARM_TOPIC);

        } catch (MqttException e) {
public void sendMessage(String message) throws MqttPersistenceException, MqttException{
    this.client.publish(DEVICE_STATUS_TOPIC, message.getBytes(), 2, false);
public void update(String matricola, String status, String latitude, String longitude, String  battery){
    vehicleS.updateVehicle(matricola, status, Double.parseDouble(latitude), Double.parseDouble(longitude), Integer.parseInt(battery));

I want to update received values to another bean. But in my Callback class i cannot inject any EJB (it breaks tcp connection) so i get the PahoClient instance in this way as you can see above:

callback = new SubscribeCallback(this, NM_STATUS_TOPIC, NM_ALARM_TOPIC)

So when i receive a message on my callback method i update values in this way public class SubscribeCallback implements MqttCallback{

public SubscribeCallback(PahoClient pahoClient, String topicNM, String topicALARM) {
    this.NM_STATUS_TOPIC = topicNM;
    this.NM_ALARM_TOPIC = topicALARM;
public void messageArrived(String topic, MqttMessage message) throws Exception{

It seems to work fine. But in the console I see the MQTT thread updating the message, not the EJB. And I don't know if with a lot connections this works. Any suggestion?

I was thinking about developing a JCA Adapter for my MQTT Client and my Java EE application, but I don't know if it's the right way.

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