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We use an external storage server to store files. To access these files, a token is required as part of the URL. The token allows access to the file for a specific time.

Accesses to these external files must go through our server to check if the user is allowed to get to file. Currently, we have the following scenario:

  • The client (browser) makes a GET request for the file on our server.
  • We check if the user is allowed to access the file by a database lookup.
  • If no, we send a 403 (forbidden)
  • If yes, we request a token from the external storage server and send a temporary redirect to the client with the URL of the file on the external storage server (including the token) as Location header.
  • The client then fetches the file from the storage server.

So far so good.

The question is how can we support caching for the retrieved file on client side?

We tried to send an ETag and a Last-Modified header back together with the redirect to be able to send a 304 (not modified) for further requests and instruct the browser to use the cached file from the external server. However there is no If-Modified-Since and a If-None-Match for further request. In contrast, Cache-Control: max-age header works. However, we want to support conditional requests. Any ideas?

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