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I want to execute some code if a user checks a corresponding checkbox during the install. From reading the help file, it looks like the only way to use the task is to associate it with an entry in the Files/Icons/etc. section. I'd really like to associate it with a procedure in the Code section. Can this be done and if so, how?

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You do that by adding a custom wizard page that has check boxes, and execute the code for all selected check boxes when the user clicks "Next" on that page:

  ActionPage: TInputOptionWizardPage;

procedure InitializeWizard;
  ActionPage := CreateInputOptionPage(wpReady,
    'Optional Actions Test', 'Which actions should be performed?',
    'Please select all optional actions you want to be performed, then click Next.',
    False, False);

  ActionPage.Add('Action 1');
  ActionPage.Add('Action 2');
  ActionPage.Add('Action 3');

  ActionPage.Values[0] := True;
  ActionPage.Values[1] := False;
  ActionPage.Values[2] := False;

function NextButtonClick(CurPageID: Integer): Boolean;
  Result := True;
  if CurPageID = ActionPage.ID then begin
    if ActionPage.Values[0] then
      MsgBox('Action 1', mbInformation, MB_OK);
    if ActionPage.Values[1] then
      MsgBox('Action 2', mbInformation, MB_OK);
    if ActionPage.Values[2] then
      MsgBox('Action 3', mbInformation, MB_OK);

The check boxes can either be standard controls or items in a list box, see the Inno Setup documentation on Pascal Scripting for details.

If you want your code to be executed depending on whether a certain component or task has been selected, then use the IsComponentSelected() and IsTaskSelected() functions instead.

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You don't need to define your own wizard page. You can just add them to the additional tasks page.

Name: associate; Description:"&Associate .ext files with this version of my program"; GroupDescription: "File association:"

function NextButtonClick(CurPageID: Integer): Boolean;
  Result := True;
  if CurPageID = wpSelectTasks then
    if WizardForm.TasksList.Checked[1] then
      MsgBox('First task has been checked.', mbInformation, MB_OK);
      MsgBox('First task has NOT been checked.', mbInformation, MB_OK);

Credit goes to TLama for this post.

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