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i would like to know more about that technique, when I look inside the code i find some kind of url which is displayed as an picture:


What is encoded in there? Why is it so long ? How is the picture displayed without an file extension inside the browser(because of the MIME type listed in the Content-type header ?) ?

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Is the URL in an <img> tag? If so, that's what's telling the browser to retrieve whatever is at that URL and display it as an image. As for what's encoded there, I have no idea - the server uses that data (somehow) to do whatever it needs to and return image data. –  Kryten Apr 2 at 14:57
I would guess that's not the file name - the server is doing something with that string that allows it to find the correct file or perhaps even generate it on the fly. –  Kryten Apr 2 at 15:07
Thank you. Yeah its an img-tag "<img title="E-Mail Adresse aus Schutz vor SPAM nicht klickbar" alt="E-Mail Adresse aus Schutz vor SPAM nicht klickbar" src="/users/EmailToImage/Vm0weGQxSXhWWGhVYmtwT1ZtMVNXVmx0ZUV0V01X…NXbGhaYTJoRFZW‌​WmtWMWR0UmxOTlZuQlhWRlpXVjJGSFZuRlJWR3M5K0E%3D"></img>" .How is it possible to get all of that type "Vm0xd1IxVXhUbkpOVm1SWVlteEtWMWxyWkZOalZsWnpXa1JTV0ZKdGVGWlZWekZIWVcxS1IxTn...VV‌​ZkV1dtRlNNVnBXVFZWV2FHVnFRVGs9K00%3D" inside the "EmailToImage" -folder ? Because I want to know -if i would use this techniqe to protect me from spam bots-how to avoid that approach? –  user254197 Apr 2 at 15:08
It's not clear to me what this technique is - are you seeing an image containing the text of the email? –  Kryten Apr 2 at 15:09
yes, thats what I see. –  user254197 Apr 2 at 15:13

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