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I am new to windows phone app development. I am using an emulator. Every time i try to run the project emulator stops on windows phone starting and i get error "App development failed try again." I tried turning hyper-v on off repairing emulator update 3 . hyper-v Ethernet enable. What i am missing ??

Need Help


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Have you verified your machine meets the hardware requirements? <…; – YnotDraw Jan 13 '15 at 13:59

I think the error would be "App deployment failed. Please try again." but not "App development failed. Please try again." :)

Anyways, please ensure you have following to get rid of the error,

If everything is holds good then try following,

  1. Restart emulator & check if it fixed the issue, if not go to next step.
  2. Go to Hyper-V manager and delete all the virtual switches related to WP. If it doesn't fix issue go to next step.
  3. Go to Hyper-V manager and delete all the windows phone virtual machines. repair WP SDK from control panel.

More info about troubleshooting errors like this can be found at :)

Hope it helps

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