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I am trying to send a message to a server so that the client(I) can interactively communicate with host.I would want the messages(responses) from host to be returned but here I am only getting the first response instead. Here is the main function which is supposed do the job,it should return a string list of responses from host.May you help me figure out where I am making the error...

fun readServer (host, port, msgs) = 
    val oop = openServer (host, port);
    val mystream =
      List.tabulate (length msgs, fn i =>
        (socketSend (oop, (List.nth (msgs, i))), (socketReceive (oop, 100000))))
    map #2 mystream
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I'm not familiar with the socket API you are using, maybe you can provide its documentation or the types of the functions openServer, socketSend, socketReceive? –  waldrumpus Apr 4 '14 at 7:54
fun socketSend (sock, msg) = Socket.sendVec( sock, Word8VectorSlice.full(Byte.stringToBytes(msg)) ); fun socketReceive (sock, maxbytes) = Byte.bytesToString( Socket.recvVec(sock, maxbytes) ); I finally figured out how,these functions helped me create the sockect i needed –  Emma Apr 5 '14 at 0:32

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