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I have a SCons script that I need to debug. Somewhere down inside of everything that is happening, I have a problem and I need to find out where it is going bad.

I'd like to debug the SCons script, but I'm not sure how to get it set up. I have both PyCharm and Komodo IDEs, but I couldn't figure out how to make those work.

I've tried this:

scons --debug=pdb <args...>

but that just gets me inside of SCons; I need to be inside of the scripts that I've created that SCons runs.

Can someone show me how to set up PyCharm or Komodo to debug a SCons script? If that isn't possible, I'm open to other debugging options.

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From my experience, it is really difficult to debug if you are thinking about using step-by-step debugging in SCons.

My advice is to add a good logging system in your SConstruct file(or adding one). For example, level debug-detailed will log the variables in your custom builder fonction, level debug will only log the most crucial variables, level production(default) will only log when there is a warning or error, in order to minimize the impact on performance.

Personally, I think it's common practice to depend on logging system for debugging in a complicated system.

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