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When I open the details window on any of my API Proxies using the APIGee Developer Dashboard, I get two error messages

Error while fetching object: No server entry found with ID long token goes here


Server Error: No server entry found with ID same long token goes here

The page still seems to function partially, but this prevents me from seeing my API proxy deployments and proxy information, or from tracing calls to the API.

I can't figure out what triggered this error - I don't see any recent config changes and the API proxy and the endpoint services are up and running. There's no reference to 'Server Entry' anywhere on the config page or in the help, which makes it hard to know where to start when fixing this.

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Please see here: http://status.apigee.com/

This could be related to the platform release in flight.

You can subscribe to this for future updates too.

If the issue still persists, do raise a support ticket http://apigee.com/about/support/request-support

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