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Observe this little script:

$array = array('stuff' => 'things');
//prints - Array ( [stuff] => things )
$arrayEncoded = json_encode($array);
echo $arrayEncoded . "<br />";
//prints - {"stuff":"things"}
$arrayDecoded = json_decode($arrayEncoded);
//prints - stdClass Object ( [stuff] => things )

Why does PHP turn the JSON Object into a class?

Shouldn't an array that is json_encoded then json_decoded yield the EXACT same result?

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3 Answers

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Take a closer look at the second parameter of json_decode($json, $assoc, $depth) at http://docs.php.net/json_decode

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ah, very good... –  Derek Adair Feb 17 '10 at 15:39
Thanks! That was perfect! –  TecBrat Jul 18 '12 at 14:44
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$arrayDecoded = json_decode($arrayEncoded, true);

gives you an array.

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There is also a good PHP 4 json encode / decode library (that is even PHP 5 reverse compatible) written about in this blog post: Using json_encode() and json_decode() in PHP4 (Jun 2009).

The concrete code is by Michal Migurski and by Matt Knapp:

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