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I am still new to using forms and every thing that comes with it i am wanting to get all of the text from the first line in a richtextbox and nothing else with it. I have been looking into this for about 3 hours now and haven't gotten any closer to figuring it out if any one could help would be great.

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Are you using any specific plugging? have you tried .innerText? –  Michel Ayres Apr 2 '14 at 18:59

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This will work:

string firstLine = RichTextBox.Lines[0];

You could use the same logic to get any of the lines.

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Try This:

var firstLine = RichTextBox1.Text.Split(Environment.NewLine)[0];
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You could try this to get the first line:

var line = richTextBox1.Lines[0];

or using LINQ:

var line = richTextBox1.Lines.FirstOrDefault();

You can read more about RichTextBox here.

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