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I am doing a URL rewrite in my API End point. So, the querystring is not passed by default to the backend service.

I want to create a variable with name "querystring" and format that string with the input query params. How can I do that?

For eg: apigee api url = https://myapigee-prod.agigee.net/v1/test/resource1?p1=abc&p2=123

I want to create the querystring variable as querystring = param1=abc&param2=123

I tried


<Ref> tag can be used instead of <Value> tag only if I am getting value of one parameter. To form a string, it wouldn't work.

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Unfortunately you can't use the curly braces method of variable expansion within an AssignVariable.

You can do this via a JavaScript policy. Here is the JavaScript code:

var myqs = "param1=" + context.getVariable("request.queryparam.p1") +
    "&param2=" + context.getVariable("request.queryparam.p2");
context.setVariable("myqs", myqs);               
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This probably is the most viable option. I can prepare the querystring names in the assign message policy and use the javascript to form querystrting url –  user3267925 Apr 2 '14 at 20:15

Also, you can use an AssignMessage policy to do this, on the Proxy request or Target request flow.



<AssignMessage name="GenerateRequest">
<AssignTo createNew="false" type="request">Request</AssignTo>
  <QueryParam name="p1">{request.queryparam.param1}</QueryParam>
  <QueryParam name="p2">{request.queryparam.param2}</QueryParam>
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This one helps too. But, its just that, I will have to create one assign message policy per resource in the target request flow. –  user3267925 Apr 2 '14 at 20:17

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