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My question is - is it possible to compile a C++ library that uses some desktop features on mobile device - in this particular case the Irrlicht Engine? I know there is a port out there that uses OGLES drivers, but it also combines using the NDK. I would like to know if there is a possibility to build that library with such a tool like CCTools despite the fact that mobile devices use OpenGL ES - maybe some kind of equivalent libraries, that fit both mobile and desktop environments? There may be some incompatibilities, I know.

The system of input and output doesn't matter at the moment. And of course - I haven't found the question that fits my expectations.

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I wrote an article about porting desktop OpenGL apps to Android that might help:


I don't see the advantage of using CCTools rather than the NDK. I think the differences between OpenGL and OpenGL ES would be the biggest problem.

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So it is an issue with low level library function calls, it would be difficult to use with complete engine. It seems that the only solution is using Java/C++ mix with NDK and Irrlicht Port. Anyway, thanks, you made it clear to me. –  SNexip Apr 3 '14 at 18:12

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