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I am trying to create a tag cloud in python using pytagcloud and I am using the following code to generate it:

from pytagcloud import create_tag_image, make_tags
from pytagcloud.lang.counter import get_tag_counts

with open("fileName.txt") as file:
  Data1 =
  Data = Data1.split()

Data = "%s " * len(Data) % tuple(Data)
tags = make_tags(get_tag_counts(Data), maxsize=150)

create_tag_image(tags, 'cloud_large.png', size=(1200, 800))

The code runs without errors (takes a while though) but the output file that it generates is quite cluttered and not easy to read. Here's the output file:

Tag Cloud

Why am I getting this weird unreadable matrix-like clutter in the center? How can I get rid of it? The tag cloud doesn't appear to be in the center of the file, how can that be done?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. - I am using Python 2.7

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if it still relevant, what i did to solve this was to add value to minsize parameter and filter out all the smallest words (which probably appears once in the text). i guess it happens because of explosion in the number of words.

my code looks like:

tags = make_tags(get_tag_counts(MY_TEXT), maxsize=120, minsize=5)
tags = [a for a in tags if a['size'] > 7]
create_tag_image(tags, 'images/cloud_large.png', size=(900, 600), fontname='Reenie Beanie', background=(0,0,0))

and the result: enter image description here

i chose the values empirically.

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