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From reading the docs I can tell that allowForceBuild will turn off the force build button for the server.

In my case I have 12 projects.
Once is a weekend cleanup task.

I want to remove the force build on this one project. Is there a way to turn off the button on a project level?



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You seem to be looking for Project Level Security

Add this to your configuration:

  <!-- [...] -->
  <security type="defaultProjectSecurity">
      <userPermission name="*" forceBuild="Deny" />
  <!-- [...] -->

If You haven't modified the configuration on the server level, forceBuild should be set to Allow by default and will be overridden in Your project then.

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Are there any examples out there fo how to do this? Thanks! C- –  Eric Brown - Cal Feb 19 '10 at 15:38
Though I have no practical experience with CI security introduced in CCNET 1.5, I added a configuration snippet to my answer. Absolutely no guarantee, just how I understand the documentation. –  The Chairman Feb 20 '10 at 7:35

Nearly same reply as The Chairman. In your project config, add the security line :

<project name="xxx">
  <!-- Source control block defined here -->
  <!-- Tasks defined here -->
  <!-- Publishers defined here -->
  <security type="defaultProjectSecurity" forceBuild="Deny">
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In version 1.6+, you can hide the "Force" and "Stop" buttons in your ccnet.config:

<project name="xxx">
  <!-- Source Control -->
  <!-- Tasks -->
  <!-- Publishers -->

Reference: Project Configuration Block

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