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I have a very strange issue with tax calculation, disscount and total amounts in Magento I think is due a wrong round totals but I can't understand the main issue. Let me give you an example:

We have the following item in an invoice:

Item price: $ 25.00,
Qty: 1,
Tax: $ 3.66 (.16%),
Discount: $ 2.50 (10%), 
Total: $ 26.50

In fact if you sum the quantites above the result is wrong. It should be: 26.16 . And if you make the calculation outside Magento, the result should be this:

Item price: $ 25.00,
Qty: 1,
Tax: $ 3.6 (.16%),
Discount: $ 2.50 (10%),
Total: $ 26.10,

Magento is calculating the Tax and the total amount in a wrong way. What could be the cause of this?. Any kind of help will be appreciated.


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Any update on this?. Regards –  Ricardo M Apr 5 at 5:01

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