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I'm using Mocha with npm, and doing an "npm test" to start up mocha. It has the --watch enabled in the mocha.opts, but for some reason it's not accurately watching. When I make a change to my test file, and then save it, whether I put in a faulty test or an ok test, I get the same thing: 0 passing (in green), whereas, when I first run mocha, I get 2 passing.

Is there something I am missing?


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are you putting your tests in a "describe" and an "it"? If you haven't you will pass all tests but 0 will be displayed – Mark Robson Nov 1 '15 at 14:30

I am able to get this to work. I wonder if the problem is that your mocha.opts needs to be in the test subdirectory?

In any case, a working proof of concept is on npm as smikes-mocha-watch-example, and you can test this via

mkdir test npm install smikes-mocha-watch-example cd node_modules/smikes-mocha-watch-example npm install npm test

I will suggest that you probably don't want npm test to run mocha --watch since npm test is sometimes run programmatically, and it would look like an indefinite hang if it ran with --watch. A better solution might be to use mocha as the test script and mocha --watch as a new script, e.g., "watch":

$ cat package.json { "scripts": { "test": "mocha", "watch": "mocha --watch" } } $ npm test ... runs mocha $ npm run watch ... runs mocha --watch

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I do not like this answer, if question was if mocha.opts needs to be in test subdirectory, this working example is just a working example ... mocha.opts need to be in the directory where mocha --watch is run, and you can watch things that are not in test subdirectories: mocha --watch tests/ it will watch all subdirectory, but run only tests/* 's subdirectory scripts, but mocha.opts need to be in the directory where mocha is ran – Daniele Cruciani Sep 7 '15 at 11:05

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