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I am trying to create a template sub class that inherits a template base class, but I am getting a compile error when initializing the template sub class. I think it is because I am probably not defining the constructor for the sub class properly, but I am unsure as to the syntax to do it properly.

Here is the header file with both classes:

template<typename T> class Matrix

Matrix(uint rows, uint columns);
uint height;
uint width;
uint stride;
size_t size;

vector<T> elements;
T* firstElement;


template<typename T> class NumMatrix : public Matrix<T>

NumMatrix(uint rows, uint columns) : Matrix<int>::Matrix<T>(uint rows, uint columns)



#include "Matrix.h"

using namespace std;

void main()
NumMatrix<int> A(2,2);

The compile error is: 'NumMatrix::NumMatrix' : no overloaded functions takes 2 arguments

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Note that the member T* firstElement;, if it's for what the name suggests that it's for, needs to update whenever an instance is copied, either by copy construction or by copy assignment. But you haven't declared a copy constructor or copy assignment operator. –  Cheers and hth. - Alf Apr 2 at 23:08
Thanks for your help –  user3390212 Apr 2 at 23:44

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Change this:

NumMatrix(uint rows, uint columns) : Matrix<int>::Matrix<int>(uint rows, uint columns)


NumMatrix(uint rows, uint columns) : Matrix<T>(rows, columns)

Also, to be standard-conforming (compiles with more compilers), change this:

void main()


int main()
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Oops, typed that in wrong. The Matrix<int> should have been Matrix<T>. But I changed it to what you suggested and I get two compile errors that says unexpected end of file found and expected a '{' not ';', its referencing the changed line above because its expecting some declaration below it? –  user3390212 Apr 2 at 22:59
@user3390212: sorry I didn't delete enough. check it out now. (since this edit wasn't recorded in edit history, here's what i did: i now changed e.g. the original uint rows to just rows in the initializer expression) –  Cheers and hth. - Alf Apr 2 at 23:03
Look carefully at what he told you to replace –  cppguy Apr 2 at 23:04

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