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  • Library: BreezeJS 1.4.11 client-side library
  • Data Service Adapter: webApiOdata
  • Remote Service: Web API 2 Implementation of OData v3 without Breeze Controller
  • Database: MongoDb

I'm running into an issue when handling metadata exposed from an OData service. Here's an example property:

<Property Name="Customers" Type="Collection(My.Namespace.Customer)" ConcurrencyMode="Fixed" DefaultValue="" Nullable="false"/>

Metadata appears to import successfully from the service endpoint; however, upon closer investigation the parseTypeName() function in Breeze is incorrectly assigning the shortName to "Customer)" and the complexTypeName to "Customer):#My.Namespace".

When trying to run a query, I receive the following error:

TypeError: Cannot call method '_createInstanceCore' of null

When debugging this error, I notice that the property's dataType = null and isScalar = true.

I cannot use hand-crafting metadata on the client as a workaround, since the metadata can frequently change. I need to be able to import the metadata from the remote service.

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I've run into that too. Stay tuned. –  Ward Apr 3 at 17:50
I have as well. –  ccook Nov 14 at 17:59

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