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I need to be able to delete an Exchange 2010 mailbox from a batch file. I do not want to use a script file in this case.

For example:

@powershell -command "Remove-Mailbox -Identity Domain1\John.Doe -Permanent $true"

The above command fails with error "The term 'Remove-Mailbox' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet....

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Are you executing the batch file directly on an Exchange server or from a remote server? That greatly changes how you are able to connect to Exchange via PowerShell, and instantiate the Exchange cmdlets.

Take a look at this similar question, in which the poster answered his own question by calling RemoteExchange.ps1, directly on the Exchange server itself.

How to use Exchange 2010 cmdlet in batch file?

If that doesn't help you, or you need to execute Exchange cmdlets from a remote machine that does not have any exchange components installed, I have some scripts I can provide tomorrow.

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For executing a single command, it's much quicker and simpler to create a session to the Powershell session on an Exchange server, and then use Invoke-Command and direct the command to that session. – mjolinor Apr 3 '14 at 3:01

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