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I have a table of runs that always come in pairs. Therefore, each run has a 'run_id' (primary key) and a 'against_run_id' which is a 'run_id' of the run it's paired with.

class Run < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_and_belongs_to_many :against_runs, :class_name => 'Run', 
                          :association_foreign_key => 'against_run_id',
                          :join_table => 'my_run'
  self.table_name = "my_run"

I'm trying to select the data from both of the runs using ActiveRecord. However, I haven't found a way to do that. E.g.:


would only select the information from the 'against_run' of run with run_id = 35 (ignoring the base run)


would only select the information from the run with run_id = 35. (ignoring against run)

Is there a way to get information from both runs in the single return without explicitly specifying every column I'm interested in? E.g.

Run.select(' my_run.start_time AS run_start_time,
             against_run.start_time AS against_run_start_time').
  joins('LEFT JOIN `my_run` as against_run on against_run.run_id = my_run.against_run_id').find(35)

The above looks like it's not taking advantage of the ActiveRecord functionality.

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