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I have the current problem: I need to store fingerprint templates using a precise biometric reader into a gemalto G0 55000 idprime bio .NET card.

gemalto does not provide any sort of documentation about how to do that ( or I did not find it so far ) and they just mention that the card is WBF - Windows Biometric Framework - compliant.

I did not found so far examples of code that show how to use WBF to store the templates into a smartcard. I am doing some tests with the WBF functions to see if the card is listed when I call the enumeration of the biometric devices from WBF or if I can see the card template database using a similar function. (WinBioAsyncEnumBiometricUnits,WinBioAsyncEnumDatabases)

I found that post which mention that the deletion of templates on a card can be done with WBF , but it does not explain how to open a session to the card.

How is it possible to store the captured fingerprint templates to the card using only WBF?

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ok so far we located a storage plugin provided by precise biometrics in a dll, with functions : WbioQueryEngineInterface WbioQueryStorageInterface these two functions are the implementation of a plugin for a storage interface as described linkthere –  user1211944 Apr 3 '14 at 13:37
That may be a bit too specific for the website; you may have the luck that somebody knows about this specific problem, but that kind of information normally prompts for research... –  Maarten Bodewes Apr 6 '14 at 15:29

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