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I have been using the Joda-Time plugin for Grails. I'm really starting to love it but, I'm trying to set a default value for domain attribute (Period type:PersistentPeriod). Everything is working great. I can save and retrieve Joda-Time data, the tag library is working well, calculations and conversions are flawless but, everything blows up when I try to compile after setting a default value for a Joda-Time attributes. Example:

class Person { 
    DateTime date 
    Period totalTime 
    static mapping = {
        totalTime (type: PersistentPeriod, defaultValue:Period.ZERO)
        date (type: PersistentDateTime, defaultValue:DateTime.now())

Is there a way to do this with default values or should I keep the Joda-Time attributes nullable and blank.

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What actually blows up ? Please provide a stack trace or error description. –  araxn1d Apr 3 at 7:19
SchemaExport Unsuccessful: SchemaExport Column "PT0S" not found; SQL statement: SchemaExport Table "ACCT_SHIFT" not found; SQL statement: –  CheddarMonkey Apr 4 at 15:54

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Specifying "defaultValue" won't work in the way you are trying to use it. It is meant to be used as a default value that MySQL can use when specifying the create table syntax. If you simply want any class that doesn't have the value set to be a default then rewrite your Person class like so:

class Person { 
  DateTime date = DateTime.now() 
  Period totalTime = Period.ZERO
  static mapping = {
    totalTime (type: PersistentPeriod)
    date (type: PersistentDateTime)

Alternatively you could use defaultValue: "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" for DateTime.now() by MySQL will expect a field type "TIMESTAMP" and not "DATETIME" in order for it to work.

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That works. I guess I misunderstood the use of defaultValue. Thanks for clearing that up. –  CheddarMonkey Apr 4 at 15:51
After researching a little more about defaultValue, and considering @th3morg comments, I realized that 'defaultValue' in the mapping closure specifically affects the creation and update of the database. Therefore, the value assigned to defaultValue must correspond to a 'native' data type of the database I am using. So this works: totalTime (type: PersistentPeriod, defaultValue:"PT0S") -- "PT0S" being the actual string Joda-Time stores in the database column, a varchar(255). –  CheddarMonkey Apr 4 at 16:27
The declaration of a default value in the property, 'Period totalTime = Period.ZERO' is used by GORM when the application saves/updates a domain object and there is no value/null value for the totalTime attribute. See this Nabble post about defaultValue. I think I'm understanding this correctly. Please correct me if I'm wrong. –  CheddarMonkey Apr 4 at 16:34
... and yet another amendment to this topic. "PT0S" does not work. Not as specifically typed. "'PT0S'" works. –  CheddarMonkey Apr 4 at 16:41
... and another. the date in the mapping closure can be set like this: date type: PersistentDateTime, defaultValue: "now()". This also works for the standard Grails Date data type. See this other StackOverflow question –  CheddarMonkey Apr 4 at 17:40

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