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having some problems rendering html when I convert to PDF. It's driving me mental and I don't know what's going on. The idea is that I have an html form in a mysql database which stores HTML tags and what not, I pull it out using PHP, render the HTML and display it as a PDF. My issue is that it won't render the HTML. it's just text and the formatting is way off. Here is the code I have so far:

$indemResult = mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT * FROM Indemnity");
$indemRow = mysqli_fetch_array($indemResult);
$pdf = new PDF();

//Insert Banner

//Insert Indemnity form
$pdf->SetXY(50, 65);
$pdf->cMargin = 10;
$pdf->Cell(0, 10, $pdf->Write(1,'Indemnity Form'), 0, 1,'C', false);

$pdf->MultiCell(0,0,$pdf->Write($wrap, ''));
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My problem was in the WriteHTML class. It didn't support UL LI tags, so I used this instead:


I stripped the createPDF class, in the class PDF extends FPDF I removed $_title, $_url, $_debug=false from the PDF function, I also removed $bi from the write HTML function and inside the writeHTML function I removed:

        if ($bi)
            $html=strip_tags($html, "<a><img><p>

I hope this helps people who are trying to render HTML before putting it onto PDF

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