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I have following command file on a Windows Server 2008 R2. It is for running multiple copies of same exe (from different folders). However the applications are launched sequentially – second one launches only after the first one. I need to all of them together (without waiting for the completion of previous one). How can we modify the script to make it working like that?

Note: The second command line parameter is for closing the application after a specified time (in milliseconds).

Command File

echo off


CD "\B2B\program\B2BCrawler\Contract1\Athletics\"

B2B_Crawler_V2.exe HeaderMenu_DropDown_6 1800 50


CD "\B2B\program\B2BCrawler\Contract1\Brands\"

B2B_Crawler_V2.exe HeaderMenu_DropDown_5 18000000 50


CD "\B2B\program\B2BCrawler\Contract1\Featured\"

B2B_Crawler_V2.exe HeaderMenu_DropDown_4 18000000 50


CD "\B2B\program\B2BCrawler\Contract1\Men\"

B2B_Crawler_V2.exe HeaderMenu_DropDown_1 18000000 50


CD "\B2B\program\B2BCrawler\Contract1\Women\"

B2B_Crawler_V2.exe HeaderMenu_DropDown_2 18000000 50


CD "\B2B\program\B2BCrawler\Contract1\Youth\"

B2B_Crawler_V2.exe HeaderMenu_DropDown_3 18000000 50

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B2B_Crawler_V2.exe ...


start "Windowtitle" B2B_Crawler_V2.exe ...

where windowtitle is the title of the window created (duh) and can be empty if you wish (but retain the double-quotes)

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