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I'm writing a test case for a one of the methods inside my tic-tac-toe program. Here is the method I'm testing:

public int[] playerMove(){
        Scanner reader = new Scanner(;
        int[] move = new int[2];
        move[0] = reader.nextInt()-1;
        move[1] = reader.nextInt()-1;
        return move;

I can't input test numbers for move[0] and move[1] since it requires user input. How would simulate this during testing?

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Check this thread. May be helpful -… – hellboy Apr 3 '14 at 4:09
TDD requires you to write a test first. This is so that you will find problems like this with hard-to-test code, before you write the code, and so you will adopt a different design that is more testable. And experience has shown that testable designs are also more maintainable and more flexible. – Mike Stockdale Apr 3 '14 at 14:32

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First of all, if you already have the code written, and only now you're writing the test, it's not TDD.

Regarding your problem, one way to solve this is to have the InputStream passed as a parameter to the constructor to the class you're testing, rather than hard-coding

This will enable you to create an instance of the tested class with a mock InputStream that generates whichever input you want.

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