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The story, you can just ignore!

After downloading 1GB 'rar', file and finding out that header-corruption is unrecoverable, I decided to just re-download first 8MiBs and replace it with first 8MiBs of the file. hoping that would be the length of the header. To make things short, i failed. checksum was wrong and ignoring it would not help. I downloaded the whole file again. So thought i would not let this happen in my own server.

Now I want to find a way to add server-side-ranged-hashing, (binary search?). and also I know I have to write a client-side program to.

I found this article (pretty useful in some cases, I fixed a collection of files with this), but it's not easy for a simple client, and definitely too optimistic.

To list the torrent solution's con's:

  • Not all file are in the torrent
  • Torrents are in pieces, Not always small
  • Not user friendly enough
  • Some people just hate torrents! I can't force them to use it.

So here are 3 main questions:

  1. Do you know any code already written for this cause?
  2. Do I have to worry about speed of hashing a range of file?
  3. How can I hash a file (or part of it) properly, reading all of it may result in RAM overload? Is there a function?

And some Out-Of-Curiosity questions not really important:

  1. Is header-corruption really unrecoverable?
  2. How much is the header's size in a 'rar' file?
  3. How does md5_file() works this sufficient?
  4. Should I let the client decide the range, or have a server-size binary search plan?
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