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I am working on a project, testing it on localhost. For some strange reason, the login page decided to stop working all of a sudden. It still works on Internet Explorer, and all the elements load in correctly once I get past the login page. I do not believe that this is a problem with the code, my team members have the exact same version yet it works on their side. The site was completed using HTML/PHP/Bootstrap The picture included might make my situation more clear. Please advise.

Things I have tried: Deleting cookies Deleting and re-importing the database. Deleting the project then cloning a fresh copy from the stash Deleting and re-installing Google Chrome.

My Situation

Edit: It appears to be a mis-linked CSS file, I guess it was working because it was still in my cache or something. Deleting my cache must have caused it to stop working. Thank you for all your help everybody.

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Go to "View Source" and make sure, all resouces load fine. "Re-check" them via "Network tab" in "Chrome Console". Though, i don't see any php stuff in your login page, as it is "login_page.html". –  John Cargo Apr 3 at 5:08
Have you stopped and started the apache or lampp service in your system ? –  ȿµŁƮɦąɲ ąŁŁąµȡƹƹɲ Apr 3 at 5:10
Does this help? google.com/… . Sorry. First time posting from the Stack Exchange app. –  msmith81886 Apr 3 at 5:11
seems your files are not being located, or had been cached earlier.. try to remove cache and try again –  Saqib Apr 3 at 5:11
@JohnCargo Everything appears to load fine. Rather the network tab appears to be empty. –  Bobby Lau Apr 3 at 5:15

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