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How can i set a cron job in cake PHP and which file to use to create the script?

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If you are using cakephp 2.x . Under app/Console/Command/ crate a php file like FilenameShell.php .

In FilenameShell.php include the following code

class FilenameShell extends AppShell {

//Instead of main you can write your own function name 
 public function main(){
      //your code goes here ...
       $this->out('Hello world.');

The conventions for shell classes are that the class name should match the file name, with the suffix of Shell. In our shell we created a main() method. This method is called when a shell is called with no additional commands. We’ll add some more commands in a bit, but for now let’s just run our shell. From your application directory, run:

Console/cake functionname

Note : - If your function name is main no need to mention it . if Its other than main just plae you function name and enter .you can see the result once you enter the command .

You should see the following output:

Welcome to CakePHP v2.0.0 Console

App : app

Path: /cake_dev/app/

Hello world.

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