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I'm using HTML5 navigator.geolocation in my web application, with a Webshims fallback when the browser doesn't natively support it. However, I found that a number of browsers have broken implementations of HTML5 navigator.geolocation.

How can I call the Webshims geolocation directly after I find out that a browser that advertises itself as supporting navigator.geolocation, does in fact not?

I can't call this: navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition because the it hasn't been polyfill-ed, the browser thinks it can support navigator.geolocation.

I'm looking for something like webshims.geolocation.getCurrentPosition.

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How do you detect, that the browser doesn't support geolocation? Wich browser are you talking about??? –  alexander farkas Apr 5 at 14:41
Two examples of why this would happen: code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=41001, stackoverflow.com/questions/9215662/…. In those cases I would like to fall back on the Webshims geolocation. –  rudolfv Apr 16 at 9:37

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