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I test current_accreditation changing in the controller action. current_accreditation is similar to the current_user, current_locale and other similar methods.

it { expect{subject}.to change(controller.current_accreditation).from(@legal).to( assigns(:contractor).legal ) }

Here is controller code.

def create
  @contractor = Contractor.restrict!(current_accreditation).new(permitted_params) # TODO move to the IR::Base
    sign_accreditation @contractor.create_legal!(user: current_user)

It seems, assign(:contractor) return nil, because of it take @contractor variable before create method start. How can I avoid that? How can I pass to to method values which will create in it? I tried lambda but have no arguments error. I also tried something like Accreditation.last, but I can't find created accreditation too.

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For starters, you're not using the change matcher as documented in change takes either: a) a block or b) an object and an attribute. You're passing in a single argument.

In the case of passing in a block, it evaluates the block before and after. In the case of an object and an attribute, it evaluates the attribute of the object before and after. With just an object being passed in, it has nothing to evaluate.

So, specifically, you can use either:

it { expect{subject}.to change(controller, :current_accreditation).from(@legal).to( assigns(:contractor).legal ) }


it { expect{subject}.to change { controller.current_accreditation }.from(@legal).to( assigns(:contractor).legal ) }
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Tried that: expect{subject}.to change{ controller.current_accreditation }.from(@legal).to( assigns(:contractor).try(:legal) ) but with no success – asiniy Apr 4 '14 at 6:04
Another way don't work too. Undefined method legal for nil::NilClass – asiniy Apr 4 '14 at 6:06

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