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For better understanding of question, consider a scenario where nodes are persons and edges are MET_ON, so two persons can meet none, one or multiple times. Whenever personA meets personB for the first time, an edge is created between them and a property timestamp is set. Now whenever they meet again, the new timestamp has to be appended. For this I require timestamp to be a list.

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Just a design question: why don't you create an edge every time they met? That edge will have a timestamp property and you can then filter by time in the future... –  MarcoCI Apr 3 at 8:29
There are many ways to model something like this depending on how you plan to query later but I would probably start with what Marco mentions, each meeting as a distinct edge. I answered anyway so you can try it out. –  jjaderberg Apr 3 at 8:58

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You could try:

// Peter meets Paul
MERGE (peter:User {name:"Peter"})
MERGE (paul:User {name:"Paul"})
MERGE (peter)-[m:MEETS]-(paul)
    ON CREATE SET m.timestamp = [timestamp()]
    ON MATCH SET m.timestamp = m.timestamp + timestamp()
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Thanks!! Any help for java embedded api? –  Bit Manipulator Apr 3 at 11:46
See here for the documentation on executing cypher queries from Java. Remember to use parameters. –  jjaderberg Apr 3 at 16:59

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