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I'm trying to make two divs fill up with width of the page using the viewport parameter vw. However, the divs' widths are not accurate and the overlap. DEMO

I could enclose them in a container and set the widths using % instead, which gives the desired results. DEMO

My question is, why do it not work with vw? If it is because viewport is inaccurate, how inaccurate is it? And what are the causes for viewport to be inaccurate?

UPDATE: When I load the first DEMO, it initially overlaps. However, when I move the slider of the window left and right several times, the overlap disappear. When I try this on my test site, the overlap is also there, but doesn't go away however I resize my window.

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It's because your body has a margin. Set the padding/margin of the body to 0, and now it'll work.

The vw param in CSS is based on the whole viewport, regardless of the container it's in (% takes a percentage of the container). If there is not enough space in the container, you'll get behavior like this.

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I've tried this here: jsfiddle.net/PQE5B/2 still doesn't work? –  dayuloli Apr 3 '14 at 6:15
That fiddle works fine for me in both Chrome & FF. –  Jan Jongboom Apr 3 '14 at 6:16
It works now I resized the window a few times! Thanks! But it does only works if I change the window size several times. When I load it it doesn't work straight away...And when I do that not in jsFiddle, the overlap problem still exists –  dayuloli Apr 3 '14 at 6:18

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