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I am trying to implement a simple middleware in Slim Framework that adds an array element in the response body. Without the middleware I am getting correct result as {"mytest":"running"}. What I really want is to have the middle ware merge another element and make it as {"mytest":"running","MODE":"development"}. Instead, I am getting this result {"0":"{\"mytest\"","1":"\"running\"}","MODE":"development"} .

I am definitely missing something very simple. Please have a look below for the code I am using. I guess I am not able to convert the body to an array.

This is what I am doing:


require 'Vendor/Slim/Slim.php';

$app = new \Slim\Slim();

$app->add(new \Slim\Middleware\TestMiddleware());

 // Middleware Test
        function () use ($app) {
          $response = $app->response();



namespace Slim\Middleware;

//Appends mode to the response bpoy
class TestMiddleware extends \Slim\Middleware
    public function call()




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Instead of explode try to decode your json before to merge arrays:



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Wow, That solved my problem. It was so simple and yet, I couldn't figure it out. Thanks a lot. – Abhishek Deb Apr 5 '14 at 6:17

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