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I'm try to search post with hashtag that I wrote on my page, but API returns me empty array.

$str = 'https://graph.facebook.com/search?q='.urlencode('#englishwordssearch‬') . '&access_token=' . $values['access_token'] . '&appsecret_proof=' . $proof;

For some q I get results, but not that I search. Why I can't find my own post with hashtag?

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Can you see your post if you remove the # from your q parameter? –  gambisk Apr 3 at 10:51
no, all the same it's empty array –  KoIIIeY Apr 3 at 11:54

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After further reading it appears that there is no API support for hashtags at this time. See How can we track hashtags with the new facebook hashtag implementation for more details.

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