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I have the following piece of code :

private static HashMap<String, TestObject> labelHash= new HashMap<String, TestObject>();
    private static HashMap<String, TestObject> valueHash= new HashMap<String, TestObject>();

    private HashMap getChildrenInHash(int opt){
//       HashMap labelHash= new HashMap();
//       HashMap valueHash= new HashMap();

        if (valueHash.isEmpty() && labelHash.isEmpty()) {        

                    TestObject[] tempArray = getLabel().getMappableParent().getMappableChildren();
                    for(int i =1; i < tempArray.length-2;i++){
                        if(tempArray[i].getProperty("text").toString().compareTo(" ")==0){


                //System.out.println("finished filling the hashes");                


        if(opt ==1)
            return labelHash;
            return valueHash;


I use this method to basically populate initially the hashmaps then ultimately to get values out of it later, but the problem is that values what I see get populated in does not exist anymore for retrieval (not all, but some) ? so what is going on ? how do they get lost, I checked with debugger and saw values one by one when inserted, but when retrieved not exist anymore, any thoughts ?

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How are you invoking the method getChildrenInHash and how are you storing the result (HashMap) returned by the method ? Can you add the code snippet showing that ? – sateesh Feb 17 '10 at 17:48
here is the method that invokes that getChieldrenInHash() : public WLabel getFlashCopyTargetCapacityLabel() { HashMap labelHash = getChildrenInHash(1); return new WLabel((TestObject)labelHash.get("FlashCopy Target Capacity")); } by some reason I cannot format using code style, don't blame me for this. – Tiberiu Feb 17 '10 at 19:51

Are you doing anything with these TestObjects?

HashMaps (and collections in general) store a reference rather than a new copy of their contents. That's OK with immutable classes, such as String, but with non-Immutable classes, you can modify these objects contents through the original reference.

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yes, at the end I'm getting out values out of it, depending on widgets, it's for automated UI testing. – Tiberiu Feb 17 '10 at 19:54

Do you use different keys (always) when populating ? If you always use the same key then you will only find the last inserted value...

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pretty much always the same values, however sometimes rarely are different (from one runtime to another). – Tiberiu Feb 17 '10 at 19:53

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