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I using a remote control to access the device.

In my case when i press any button on keydown and on keyup events are called continuously.

I think onkey up event should be called only during the release of the key but its called during the the pressing of the button.

Is there any way to solve this problem or alternative solution to track the onkey long press ?

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Are you looking for setOnLongClickListener? –  Chris Tarazi Apr 3 '14 at 7:14
NO,i am looking for on onkeylong press for hard keys in the device. –  Nik Apr 3 '14 at 7:52

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long lastDown;
long keyPressedDuration ;

button.setOnTouchListener(new OnTouchListener() {
     public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) {
        if(event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN) {
           lastDown = System.currentTimeMillis();
        } else if (event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_UP) {
           keyPressedDuration = System.currentTimeMillis() - lastDown;
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I am using the hard keys in remote is it possible to use this method. –  Nik Apr 3 '14 at 9:58

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