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Discrepency in results during splitting and aggregation with and without parallel Processing

<camelContext xmlns="http://camel.apache.org/schema/spring">
            <from uri="file:src/input?noop=true" />
            <process ref="sampleProcessor" />
            <log message="body->${body}" loggingLevel="INFO" logName="SampleLog" />
            <split parallelProcessing="true">
                <to uri="direct:com.aggregation" />

            <from uri="direct:com.aggregation" />
            <aggregate strategyRef="sampleAggregator">
                    <method bean="sampleAggregator" method="matches" />
                <setHeader headerName="someHeader">
                 <process ref="anotherProcessor" />

1) SampleProcesor - sets the body from 0-99 separated by comma (simple for loop) 2) Sample Aggregator - splits in 3 sets. 3) Another processor - just prints the header value set.

Without parallelProcessing enabled in split below is my result

header value==>0,1,2  
header value==>3,4,5  
header value==>6,7,8  
header value==>9,10,11  
header value==>12,13,14  
header value==>15,16,17  
header value==>18,19,20  
header value==>21,22,23  
header value==>24,25,26  
header value==>27,28,29  
header value==>30,31,32  
header value==>33,34,35  
header value==>36,37,38  
header value==>39,40,41  
header value==>42,43,44  
header value==>45,46,47  
header value==>48,49,50  
header value==>51,52,53  
header value==>54,55,56  
header value==>57,58,59  
header value==>60,61,62  
header value==>63,64,65  
header value==>66,67,68  
header value==>69,70,71  
header value==>72,73,74  
header value==>75,76,77  
header value==>78,79,80  
header value==>81,82,83  
header value==>84,85,86  
header value==>87,88,89  
header value==>90,91,92  
header value==>93,94,95  
header value==>96,97,98  
header value==>99  

when i enable parallelProcessing in split iam getting the below result

header value==>0,2,5  
header value==>1,10,11  
header value==>12,4,14  
header value==>16,18,8  
header value==>3,9,22  
header value==>6,25,26  
header value==>27,28,7  
header value==>13,30,31  
header value==>15,33,34  
header value==>17,36,37  
header value==>19,39,20  
header value==>21,42,43  
header value==>23,45,46  
header value==>24,48,49  
header value==>29,51,52  
header value==>32,54,55  
header value==>35,57,58  
header value==>38,60,61  
header value==>40,63,41  
header value==>44,47,67  
header value==>69,70,71  
header value==>72,73,74  
header value==>75,76,77  
header value==>50,78,79  
header value==>53,81,82  
header value==>56,84,85  
header value==>59,62,88  
header value==>64,65,91  
header value==>66,93,94  
header value==>68,96,97  
header value==>80,99,83  
header value==>86,87,89  
header value==>90,92,95  

Iam missing one value(iam getting (33 lines of CSV * 3 = 99) whereas expected result is (33 lines of CSV* 3 + 1 = 100)) when i enable parallelProcessing while splitting, iam not seeing this behaviour when the list size is 10.

I understand the comma separated values will differ as the aggregation gets parallel requests. But we should not miss any value correct?

Should we not aggregate when we enable parallelProcessing in split?

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----UPDATE----------- I noticed that sometimes its giving the expected result and sometime it doesn't. I think should be an issue. –  Senthil Kumar Sekar Apr 4 at 4:08

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