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I am trying to get the xaml source of all WPF controls and display it in a list view. I want to understand how can I loop through starting from the Control class and iterating through all the controls and read the xaml of all the controls. My screen design is that on left side I have list of all the controls and on the right side I display the xaml of the selected control from the left side. I cannot hardcode the xaml from msdn website. There must be way to read and display xaml of all the controls dynamically via code

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Could you not use the HttpContext and connect to the msdn, find correct paths for the elements and display them by finding element by ID, the element with xaml is called class="codeSnippetContainerCodeContainer" and it's a div from there just get the info you need. Please note you will have to apply formatting to make it readable. –  XAMlMAX Apr 4 at 13:33

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