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I am using Apache Camel to route the request to EJB service, but i would like to know how can i set timeout time?

If it is an HTTP service, Camel HTTP component has options to set timeout but not EJB service.

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You can place a SEDA endpoint before your EJB endpoint; SEDA handles timeout.

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If i am not wrong the end point below <endpoint id="com__dbs__testapp__EJB_Req" uri="ejb:ejb/MappedEJBModule_jar/MappedEJBModule.jar/RemoteEmployeeBean#com.iexc‌​eed.study.ejb.employee.RemoteEmployee?method=receiveEmployee"/> has to be modified to <endpoint id="com__dbs__testapp__EJB_Req" uri="seda:ejb:ejb/MappedEJBModule_jar/MappedEJBModule.jar/RemoteEmployeeBean#com‌​.iexceed.study.ejb.employee.RemoteEmployee?method=receiveEmployee"/> –  Samy Apr 3 '14 at 12:25

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