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I have an outlook addin, written in vb.net that works as required.

I want to add a WPF form to this addin but there is no WPF form in the add items menu.

I have tried using the WPF control and editing the code to create a form but couldn't get this to work (Visual Studio 2008 Outlook 2007 AddIn with WPF Window).

I have tried writing the WPF form from 'scratch' (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms742193(v=vs.85).aspx) but this didn't work for me (possibly because the code is in C# and I don't know enough C# to successfully convert to vb).

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated as I've spent hours trying to work this out :(

P.S I'm no expert so dummies guides are the preferred method of explanation! Thanks

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I guess your addin is a winform project. here is a tutorial for WPF –  Bolu Apr 3 at 9:12
There are many tutorials on how to use WPF in winforms programs, like this one, which is written in VB .net codeproject.com/Articles/22849/… read up on System.Windows.Forms.Integration –  Traubenfuchs Apr 3 at 9:24
@Bolu The addin is a ribbon customisation... is that what you mean? I have read that article before and couldn't use it as I don't have the option shown in Figure 4 –  mattvanleuten Apr 3 at 9:44
@Traubenfuchs: Sorry if I'm missing something but is there a difference between adding a WPF control and adding a WPF form? –  mattvanleuten Apr 3 at 9:48
For visual studio 2013 –  Bolu Apr 3 at 10:32

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