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I am using QFileDialog (both getOpenFileName and getSaveFileName) but have a strange behavior:

  • if I call them directly from a (ipython) shell, I have no problem
  • if I call them from a widget:
    • in mac 10.6, it closes the dialog just after opening it (the dialog "pop" then close)
    • in mac 10.6, it works fine if I use the QtGui.QFileDialog.DontUseNativeDialog
    • in win xp (in a virtualbox) it works without the DontUseNativeDialog option
    • in win xp, with the DontUseNativeDialog option, the dialog close right after opening
    • in win 7, both seems to work (someone else did the test, so I did not see it my-self)

My questions:

  • what would be the reasons for the dialog to close right after opening, in general?
  • why would it do that in some cases but not all?
  • how should I do to make it work cross-platform?
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Could you post a minimilistic working example that demonstrates the behaviour, just so we can rule out common Qt mistakes (eg objects being garbage collected because you aren't holding onto a reference to an object, or similar) – three_pineapples Apr 3 '14 at 10:02
Trying to make a minimalist example, I found out that it comes from a strange conflict with ipython and its --pylab start option. The problem can be avoided by either executing the code directly (python, or by not using the pylab option. In both cases the qapplication should be started manually. – Juh_ Apr 3 '14 at 12:54
I am not sure if I should remove the question or edit it and give the answer above. Explanation on why there is a conflict could still be interesting. – Juh_ Apr 3 '14 at 12:57
I have no concrete knowledge of why there is a conflict, but I guess pylab's use of Qt is messing with things. It's worth leaving the question up anyway in case someone else has the problem! – three_pineapples Apr 5 '14 at 3:51

I found out that this problem comes from a strange conflict with ipython and its --pylab start option. It can thus be avoided by either

  • executing the code directly using python
  • or by not using the pylab option

In both cases, the qapplication should be started manually:

qapp = QtGui.QApplication([])
my_app = MyQtAppWindow(...)

However, I still don't know why there is a conflict.

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