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I want to do a screenshot of a GUI window from C/C++ into the memory. It would be really nice if it's a two dimension array of RGB values or something similar.

Im at the moment searching for a Linux based solution, but would be nice if there is a platform independent solution.

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By snapshot you mean screenshot, right? Or the actual memory dump of a given program? –  Andrejs Cainikovs Apr 3 at 9:43
@AndrejsCainikovs yes –  Roby Apr 3 at 9:44
"Platform-independent" -- no way. To do so, you'd need a direct link into the graphics hardware, and that differs from one video card to the other. That's why different OS's have different kinds of video drivers -- to shield you from all the low-level stuff. –  Jongware Apr 3 at 10:33

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You could utilize xlib for Linux: How do take a screenshot correctly with xlib?

And GDI on Windows: MSDN - Capturing an Image

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Xlib works verry well for me :) –  Roby Apr 3 at 12:52

I don't know any window-specific and platform-independent way of taking screenshots, but it seems you can capture the whole deskop screen.

Check out this answer which uses ffmpeg / ffmpeglib.

If you have Java installed on all platforms, you could use the solution on this answer.

Hacky, but should work.

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