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I have a NSTableView and I want to load and display an NSImage in the headers of my columns. There are no options for doing that with interface builder directly. How I can do this with subclassing ?

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You can create class which derive from : NSTableColumn and rewrite the -(id)headerCell selector.

Example :

@interface ImageTableColumn : NSTableColumn
    NSString *imageName;

@implementation ImageTableColumn

- (id)headerCell
    NSCell *cell = [super headerCell];
    NSImage *image = [NSImage imageNamed:imageName];
    image.size = NSMakeSize(32, 32);
    [cell setImage:image];

    return cell;


In interface builder set Custom class of the column which must display the image.

Select the concerned column Affect your subclass in Custom Class field

In order to have one "generic" class, you can use user defined runtime attributes for setting the image (imageName ref to the NSString* imageName field).

enter image description here

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