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Is it possible to simulate a USB device in vxsim(vxworks simulator)? In the documentation of vxsim its given as:

**To support application development, the VxWorks simulator provides simulated hardware support for the following hardware-related features:

  • a VxWorks console
  • a system timer
  • a memory management unit (MMU)--MMU support is required to take advantage of the VxWorks real-time process (RTP) feature.
  • non-volatile RAM (NVRAM)
  • virtual disk support--Virtual disk support allows you to simulate a disk block device. The simulated disk block device can then be used with any file system supported by VxWorks.
  • a timestamp driver
  • a real-time clock
  • symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) environment
  • asynchronous multiprocessing (AMP) environment**

No mention of USB support. But i think it should be possible as in other document i read that,

The simulator runs on your chosen host workstation, decreasing the need for evaluation hardware early in the development cycle. It also provides easy access to the host operating system API, so you can use the host facilities and peripherals in your simulation. For instance, a PCI card used in your final system can be installed on the host machine, then accessed by the simulator.

So i want to confirm if it is possible? If it is, then what can be the steps/method to develop it.

Regards, Shweta

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No answers!! No one has worked on vxworks simulator?? –  Shweta Apr 8 at 5:26

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