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Git is making me pull my hair out. I know how to create a local branch that tracks a remote branch, but I want to create a remote branch which copies another remote branch, and then track. Creating a remote branch is also easy, but it seems to always uses the codebase in master, not in an arbitrary branch. What's the sequence of commands I need if I have these branches


and I want

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git push origin origin/somebranch:refs/heads/somebranch2
git branch -b somebranch2 origin/somebranch2

The first command is the most direct way of making a copy of a branch on a remote. The second command is simply for setting up the local branch (and it will track the new remote branch origin/somebranch2).

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I had just found this: github.com/guides/copy-a-remote-branch Which worked for me. I hope it's actually as simple as you say. –  tfwright Feb 17 '10 at 18:51
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